Monday, May 5, 2008

New Pictures!!


Emily said...

Oh my gosh he is smiling and SO CUTE! I think he looks like Barb now. It used to be Dom, now it's Barb. And I hate you because you look AMAZING! I don't believe you just had a baby!

Joan said...

Aaaaaa he's so cute! Love those smiles! Thanks for all the pictures. God is really blessing you all!

Love, Joan

LeAnn said...

Such Sweet picture--Thanks for sharing them. We miss you but it is fun to keep up with your lives by blog. Take lots of pictures, believe me these days will go by so quickly(notice I did not say the nights would go by quickly) it will amaze you.

KimRoden said...

Oh my GOSH he looks so much like his daddy! Like an exact clone of the old baby pictures of Greg. It is crazy!!!!!

Hope you are doing well. Looking forward to more updated photos.