Friday, August 22, 2008

Daddy is old :)

my dear husband turned 30 in July and we successfully extended the celebration for over a month :)

Scandinavian Festival - It was Norway day!!

The SECOND homemade spice cake - he has requested this cake for his birthday for the last 4 years :) I made 2 this year - one for at home and one for the cabin

playing with one of his presents - BINGO!


sitting up
in the bed I slept in when I was a baby
Tummy Time!
swinging at Odell Lake

Luke is now more than five months old - WOW - time flies and we are definitely having fun!!

lots of hiking

at Odell Lake, next to our cabin - ready to hike - me, Luke, dear husband Greg, and our friend Jereme

Luke looking cute and very prepared for the adventure ahead on our cabin porch
near the Lake with Nana
and near the Lake with Auntie Claire

summer fun

we've been having a very fun summer :) after more than 2 weeks away, i am back at the computer, so i will post more pictures soon - whenever time allows with my five-month old on my hip :)