Tuesday, October 27, 2009

little helper

Luke of course needs to be doing whatever we are doing, especially if it is something not exactly toddler-friendly - like loading the dishwasher or, in this case, hanging things on the wall... he had his step stool right next to daddy's and was ready with hammer in hand!!

baby #2 update - we are in week 19 and have our "big" ultrasound scheduled for monday! (no, Emily, we are not going to be finding out if its a boy or girl!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


wow - Luke is 19 months today!! he's growing up so fast!! I could go on and on about his awesome accomplishments, his amazingly vast vocabulary, and his radical musical ability (especially on the harmonica) -- but instead, a quote from tonight's bathtime:
from Greg to Luke "No dancing in the tub"

our bathroom has a shower and a bathtub separate and I was taking a shower while Greg was watching Luke in his bath and apparently he decided to stand up and do a little jig :) gotta love him and his constant music soundtrack running through his head! luckily he really enjoys bathtime, as well as pretty much everything else, except getting his face washed and having to come in after playing outside.

in other news, we are around 17 weeks along with baby #2 and he or she is definitely a mover and shaker already - I LOVE feeling the baby move in my belly and Luke is so cute - running up (and of course pulling up my shirt) to say his own version of "hi baby, this is your brother!!"
we've got a doctor's appointment next week and the "big" ultrasound pretty soon as well, so updates will be coming - as well as pictures - as soon as I can get them from Greg (yes, I still have no idea how to make them magically jump from the digital camera to my computer.)

its so crazy how life is reduced to weeks (baby #2 is about 17 weeks) and months (Luke is 19 months) even when our life is so fast-paced and busy - it just makes me appreciate all the precious moments that the Lord has given me in my growing little family!! Luckily I have an outstanding husband who makes time to sit with us for breakfast and dinner and bathtime and playtime in between ... yes, i might be a bit behind in my dusting, but i can say that i spent quality time with my family today!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

after Mass fun

after Mass the little kids always run all around at church. here are a couple of Luke chilling in the grass. he also really likes to hold hands with all the little girls :) he's a charmer!