Sunday, March 30, 2008


Our little family gets a blessing from the priest
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Luke Joseph is baptized today March 30th
He is welcomed into the Christian community officially today as a Catholic!!
Here is Luke with his proud parents, the priest, and his Godparents

(the priest who baptized Luke is the same priest who married Greg and I)

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Luke getting dressed in his baptism gown - its over 60 years old - its been worn by lots of relatives on Sarina's side of the family!!

Luke with his Godparents - Greg's sister and brother-in-law

The priest is baptizing Luke over the font
Luke receives the Blessed Sacrament
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

our little miracle

story to follow... but just to let you know...
Luke Joseph Bronson was born March 13, 2008 at 4:26pm
7 pounds 10 ounces, 19.5 inches long
mom and baby are doing great

Sunday, March 9, 2008


many people have asked if we have the "nursery" ready yet... my dear husband and i always look at each other with kind of a blank stare and say "um, yeah" i apologize to anyone who may be offended, but we just don't feel the need to stencil the walls or pick a "theme" or anything like that for the room that our kids will be in... we call it the kids' room (kids plural - that's right) because we plan on it being the room that our kids will sleep in - until space runs out in that room and we need to put some in another room... seriously i think it's great to share a room with your siblings - i did it with my brother and all of Greg's siblings did it.

anyway, since we have been asked... here are pictures of the kids' room as it is now... we've got a bunk bed and a crib in there now, so there is already plenty of space for little ones!! :)
here's the crib - its wood and really nice - an awesome hand-me-down from my dad's cousin
these are the quilts my mom sewed - on the left is the crib quilt (noah's ark fabric) and on the right is the reading quilt (with pictures of our favorite children's books!!)
the bookshelf is between the crib and the door - right now it has kids' books on the top and bottom shelves and random books in the middle... the picture in the picture frame is the one it came with - i don't know who's baby that is... the silver piggie bank is from my great aunt and the baby's silver cup is from the baby's great grandmother
this is an old closet picture - i have some hanging closet organizers now which hold all the onesies/t-shirts/gowns/sleepers, etc... it works quite well
This is a dark picture, but it will give you an idea -- this is from the door, looking into the room, the bookshelf is directly to the right, then the crib, then the bunk bed, then the window to the left of the bunk bed and the closet is to the left of the window...

Friday, March 7, 2008

baby-related pictures & update

**update** today is our due date - we went to the doctor yesterday - i am 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced and the baby is -1 station -- basically everything is going very well - it's just not quite time yet! i measured around 39 cm and the baby's heartbeat is very strong

here are some pictures of us getting stuff ready...
my dear husband really likes our front carrier!! he wanted a doll or something to practice with - all i could find was pooh-bear :)

aren't these cloth diapers adorable!!! (ignore the bottom of the drying rack with my shirts and nylons)

here's the travel bassinet/changing table/ play pen that my aunts gave us at our baby shower!

This is our bedroom with the bassinet set next to the bed as it will be. its one of those arms*reach co*sleepers ... we are very excited about this (thanks mom & dad!)

the bassinet as it looks away from the bed ... we wanted something with not too many frills or extra fabric (i'm even taking off some of it still) because of the fact that we have scorpions and other creatures that like to hide in areas like that!

**don't forget to guess the baby's arrival date, a couple of posts down!!**

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

at my mom's request...

... here are some "belly pictures" from about a week and a half ago

(i have no idea what i am looking at in this picture!!)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

let's play a fun game...

the game is called: when will our baby come?

here's how you can play --
leave a comment here with your guess including:

what day will the baby be born?
what time will the baby be born?

if you want, you can include a guess for:

will the baby be a boy or a girl?
how much will the baby weigh?
how long will the baby be?

*** i think i might offer some sort of little prize to whoever makes the closest guess... not sure what the little prize will be or when i will get it to you, but... it just sounds like fun :) ***

here's some info if it helps: i am measuring either a little small or right-on at every doctors appointment, i have gained about 20 lbs, the baby is due March 7th - so we're in our 40th week, i was 7 lbs, 5oz. when i was born and my dear husband was about 9 1/2 lbs!, i've had three dreams that we had the baby - twice it was a boy and once it was a girl, i haven't have my cervix checked - so no info about dilation yet...