Wednesday, July 23, 2008

so, a couple weeks ago I was happily nursing my baby, staring out our sliding glass door into the backyard and what do I see...

yes, a bobcat...

frightening, right?!?!

I told my mom about it (something similar to this):

Me: hey mom, guess what i saw in our backyard today?

Mom: what kind of creature?

Me: a bobcat!

Mom: what? scary! can you call animal control or something?

Me: what and have it relocated to its natural habitat?

Mom: yeah, away from Luke

Me: mom, my backyard IS its natural habitat!!


Let's just say I've had my fill of creatures - just today I found a scorpion in the living room (after Greg had left for work) - and a spider in my laundry basket... ick ick ick


by the way - Luke had his first plane flights last week and did awesome!! we definitely like plane travel even more than car travel right now - God bless the airlines for not requiring him to be in his car seat (AKA the torture chamber)


Smith said...

Hi Sarina,

If he hates his carseat a lot, it might be time to upgrade him to a regular convertible seat. A lot of babies don't like the confined feeling in the bucket-type seats and like being more upright and more able to see out the windows. I'll bet he'll like that better.

I have lots of recommendations for convertible seats when you want them.

See you Sunday!

Emily said...

Okay, I have one word for you...MOVE!!! K I know that won't happen because you just built a beautiful house, but seriously, those are some freaky creatures!!! A bobcat?!?!?!

I'm so glad the plane ride went well, that makes life so much easier.