Friday, August 22, 2008

Daddy is old :)

my dear husband turned 30 in July and we successfully extended the celebration for over a month :)

Scandinavian Festival - It was Norway day!!

The SECOND homemade spice cake - he has requested this cake for his birthday for the last 4 years :) I made 2 this year - one for at home and one for the cabin

playing with one of his presents - BINGO!


Emily said...

I love your face in the picture with the funny! Send me your spice cake recipe, it sounds so yummy!

Happy Birthday Greg! I fully support extended birthday celebrations.

Carol and Bruce said...

Hello, fun to catch up with what you are doing. I am a little tiny bit ticked that you didn't come and vist so I could see Luke while you were here but I am going to forgive you and say that you tried hard but that we were in Utah so we missed you:)

I celebrated my birthday several times this month, it's the best.