Monday, February 2, 2009

just another "living in the country" post

so, i have a very adorable 10 month old
he loves to crawl
and get into everything
and put things in his mouth

guess what i found when vacuuming tonight...
a live scorpion
on our floor

hmm, must watch the child even closer now!
(there goes any attempt at getting things done during the day!! but i definitely think spending quality time with Luke is more fun anyway :) )

1 comment:

claire said...

oh my...i still can't believe you have scorpions on the floor. it's just a little extra protein. luke will be fine. you really should move back to oregon...say...around may 10 or so? it is way too trecherous there. i just got off the phone with you and heard nothing about the water fiasco. yikes...AND..HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I AM A BAD my defense, i'm learning how to save lives. so sorry i didn't call to say congrats on the day. love you, miss you...claire