Tuesday, March 17, 2009

one year...
i am still in awe and completely amazed everyday that God has chosen me worthy to be Luke's mama...

just a little bit of what he's up to these days...
- started cloth diapers at 4 weeks old and we're still going strong
- never had a bottle, only nursing from mama
- started solids around 7 months and has never refused anything we've had him try
- has never had jarred baby food, just real food
- crawls forward mostly now :) (it started out as only backwards)
- no walking yet, but lots of cruising
- still loves to be outside
- seems to know what he is saying when he says "big truck," "baby," "diaper," "mama," "daddy" and lots of other stuff
- raises his arms when asked "how much does Luke love nana?"
- points at things he likes
- not a fan of the car seat (which is convenient because we live at least an hour from anything)
- loves ceiling fans
- still a fan of his shadow
- loves bath time
- spins in circles on the floor when he gets excited
- rocks out/dances to music

... more to come as i think of things and photos coming!!

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