Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jenni's Reception

Luckily we timed our trip to Oregon to fit with our dear friend Jenni's wedding... here we are dancing at the reception... If you look closely you can see Luke is holding onto the black strap from the girl's dress ahead of him, because we were in a conga line :)

one of my dearest friends, Emily (Jenni's sister), with her two kiddos... i was totally lucky to score some time holding her precious little baby!! Luke was not too happy about that, but hey, he's gonna have to get used to it!!!


Emily said...

I was so mad I missed the congo line...I was feeding Carly!

Thanks for holding her, and thanks for COMING!!! You guys are the best and it was so fun to see you. Luke is such a cutie!! I was so glad I FINALLY got to meet him.

Carol and Bruce said...

We were the lucky ones! It was so wonderful to have you and your family there. Luke is adorable and I hope you are feeling great.