Monday, April 4, 2011

he's a year old!!

Happy First Birthday John!
working on his laptop

ready for church on John's birthday (last Sunday) fun presents from Nana and Nonno
"party" with neighbors
my cutie - he can make quite a mess in a hurry, but he's a keeper :)
i can't believe he's a year old... i love him so much!! Happy Birthday John! God has richly blessed me with the gift of being his mama!!
we have his 1-year doctor visit on wednesday, so i will know his stats then... but for now:

- has 7 teeth

- says "hi"

- waves hello and goodbye

- HATES diaper changes

- loves his brother

- almost walking on his own, 'cruises' around

- eczema is still around, but way better

- doesn't really like to be held by anyone except mama, daddy, and nana

- eats all foods we have given him (except bananas) but would pretty much just prefer to nurse :)

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