Monday, June 25, 2007

cold during the summer

this will be a brief post... i just wanted to express my discontent with the airconditioning in my office. i am very blessed to live in a country so well-off to have airconditioning in almost every building. i am also very blessed to have a job where i can earn money for my dear husband. but, does it have to be 54 degress inside when the forecasted high for today is 95?!?! during the summer it is natural to be a bit warm - most people would be fine with the a/c set on 75/80 with some fans on. or even without fans, 70 would be reasonable. i think 68 might be some standard temperature level, with 65 good for those who overheat easily. but 54?!?! The recommended temperature for your refrigerator is 35-38 degrees... that's only 16 degrees away! 16 degrees in the other direction would be 70 - very comfortable for a day at work in a cubicle.
Anyway, i am wearing a long-sleeved sweatshirt and closed-toed shoes. i blow on my hands every once and a while to warm up my typing fingers and i am about to go on a walk outside to warm up. (Its beautiful outside by the way.) again, airconditioning is definitely a blessing, not a curse, but i'd love to save my office a few bucks and warm it up a bit. i think my heart-rate has slowed and i am definitely yawning more... but that might just be because its monday... hmm

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Emily said...

Dude...I hear you. i FROZE in my office when i was working. But 54 is just ridiculous. You can't possibly work in those conditions; it should be against the constitution or something.