Friday, December 14, 2007


so - my dear husband and I both work full-time outside of the home. but, we were thrilled to hear that we were going to have out-of-town friends visit this week!! Our friends from Oregon called on Monday to say they were driving through California to Arizona. We said that – of course – they should come stay at our house!! Luckily - being the prepared homemaker that I am – I had homemade spaghetti sauce, homemade bread, pasta, veggies, and ice cream on hand!! A quick run to the store on the way home - for milk (our friends have little kids) and some salad and napkins (again – little kids) and we were ready for company!! I even already had apple taffy muffins and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins ready for an easy on-the-go breakfast in the morning!! (Greg and I both had to be at work around 8ish!) I am just so glad that the house was relatively clean because I am preparing for our neighborhood Christmas cookie exchange party (also to be hosted at our house this weekend!) Seriously, when did I become a homemaker??!! I love it!!
Needless to say, it is sooo much fun to have friends over – we don’t really have friends nearby (don’t feel sad for us, we like our life!) but it is a treat to have two other couples our age come over for dinner and lively conversation. My friend and her husband have an 18-month old daughter who is just precious and they are expecting number two (due about three weeks after us!! We are already planning an arranged-marriage situation if we have kids of the opposite sex). Their brother and his wife have a nearly-two-year-old and a nine-month-old – adorable little boys. (just in case you were counting –that means we had four extra adults and three kids under two at our house last night) We normally have very quiet weekday evenings, but last night was a treat – oh I forgot to mention that I whipped up a mix-in-the-pan chocolate cake and some homemade whipped cream to go with our chocolate ice cream for dessert J I love making treats for guests!! My dear husband and I definitely got a taste of what it will be like to have a house full of little ones J we even got to bring out some of our old toys!! Anyway, this post is getting pretty long, but I just wanted to blog about our visitors – I’m so glad they came, and hopefully we’ll get to see them again on their way back through California!

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