Tuesday, December 16, 2008

nine months old!

i can't believe our baby is already nine months old!!
here's one of his newest tricks - i mean developmental milestones....

vital stats as of yesterday:
height - 28 1/4 inches
weight - 26 pounds, 10 ounces (not a typo!)
head circ. - 18 1/2 inches
he's a big boy and definitely exhibited stranger anxiety at the dr.'s office. dr. says he is doing extremely well in all areas! also, his first word is "WOW"


Emily said...

He is so cute!! I can't believe he is 26 lbs...I love it! Time goes by too fast, huh?

He looks so big standing up in his crib.

claire said...

Oh little one...how did I miss these cute pictures? You are going to grow out of your crib in nothing flat. I love you sweet boy.