Monday, December 8, 2008

walk to the mailbox

.6 miles to our mailbox and back :) Luke loves it outside and I enjoy the exercise (its quite hilly here!) Its a nice picture of his cute two bottom teeth too... he's got one coming through on the top right now too... its been a fun week!

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Brenley said...

Dealing with teething a molar(9th) and an upper tooth(8th) right now. Molars are the worst, ouch! Not much sleep for us either. But oh so worth it to be the mommy of a teether!! But just feel bad that they are in so much pain, and you can only do so much to help. Your little guys two bottom teeth are adorable. McCoy didnt last long with just two teeth before he started getting two more down there. And it made me really sad, because I LOVE the two bottom teeth smile, oh so cute!