Friday, July 3, 2009

cloth diapers...

picture of some of my "stash" - don't worry we have more green & blue than pink!!
we started cloth diapering Luke when he was 4 weeks old - those first few weeks of newborn-hood i had enough on my plate, so i didn't want to have to deal with washing diapers too.
that being said... once we started cloth diapering, we have never looked back!!! why? bumGenius! bumGenius is the brand of cloth diapers that we use the most. when Luke was still small i preferred the "normal" pre-fold cloth diapers with a waterproof cover, but probably around 6-8 weeks or so i really embraced our bumGenius one-size diapers... he is still wearing these same diapers today!!! they fit from around 8 pounds to 35 pounds! Luke is over 30 pounds and 15 months now and i am using the same diapers from the beginning!! they are awesome and have not stained!! i wash them in my washer and hang them to dry outside (you could also use your dryer). we even use them overnight and when we are out of the house.
here is the real testimony for those of you moms skeptical about using cloth diapers:
my dear husband was awesome about changing diapers ... until i recovered from giving birth and resumed homemaker status, so when Luke was about 14 months, my dear husband had not changed a diaper in over a year (and when he was changing them we were still using newborn disposibles) ... well, i got mastitis and could not get out of bed for the first time in my life. Greg called in sick to work and "baby-sat" Luke for his first full day ever. Greg brought Luke in periodically to nurse, but besides that i did not see them at all. now, we have a few disposible diapers for events like planes rides, etc. but Greg did not know where they were, so he used the bumGenius cloth diapers all day and night for Luke!!! a husband, changing cloth diapers, and saying it was as easy as disposibles!! i was so proud of both of them

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JohnH said...

I'll have to show these to my wife. We got some cloth diapers from friends, the rest (most of them) she made.