Thursday, July 9, 2009

the Green family

much more than just reduce, reuse, recycle... we embrace the idea of:
"use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without"

here's how our family is living green/eco-friendly/health-conscious/sustainably/FRUGAL!

we use cloth diapers all the time!!! (and occasionally cloth wipes)
we use cloth napkins and cloth kitchen towels (no paper towels)
we wash and reuse zip-top bags, tupperware, and foil. we don't use plastic wrap
we use a battery powered (no gas, no oil, no emissions) lawnmower
we use non-toxic household cleaner (vinegar) - (i do use bleach for ickys like the toilet & white laundry)
we use free & clear laundry detergent and we only run full loads
we have not bought clothes (exept for a sun-protective outfit), shoes, carseats, or strollers for Luke (these have been gifts & hand-me-downs)
we are having solar-panels installed on our roof
we use water from our own well
our waste goes into our own septic tank
we primarily drive one car
our organic/green (food & lawn) waste goes to our compost pile (our pot-bellied pig)
we recycle all glass/plastic/paper/cardboard/metal
we are freecycle members
we reuse shopping bags & we have reuseable (fabric) shopping bags
we mend clothes rather than throwing them away & we give away anything we really wont wear anymore
we use PGE Smart AC
we do not run the "dry" cycle on the dishwasher and we only run full loads
we wash our laundry with cold water (except for bedding - hot is needed to kill germies)
we hang our laundry to dry - usually outside, although i have two inside racks too, for if its rainy
we drink our own water - no bottled water here
we made our own baby food - Luke never had a bottle, nor did he ever have a jar of commercial baby food
we buy local, in season produce
we borrow books & dvds from the library
we buy flour, white & brown sugars, rice, dry beans, coffee, & many other things in bulk to cut down on packaging
we cook from scratch
we use all compact fluorescent bulbs for our lighting
we (have all the best intentions to) have our own garden - we had one in selma
at night during the summer we open the windows, turn on the ceiling fans, strip down and sleep without the AC
we are trying to get a CSA to deliver to our town!
we eat leftovers!
we try to use the crockpot rather than the oven on hot days
we use engergy efficient appliances
we run our big appliances during "off-peak" times
we turn down our water heater during the summer
we have a tankless water heater
we have a whole house fan that we use to cool down the house rather than turning on the AC
we don't have carpet
we menu plan and grocery shop on a monthly basis
i'm sure there is more i will think of later :)

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JohnH said...

Costco's Kirkland Signature babywipes are strong enough to re-use over and over again as cloth wipes. We've used them that way for years.