Thursday, January 14, 2010

Luke being cute

we were on the look-out for a booster seat/big boy seat for Luke (since the baby will be occupying the high chair in the near future) ... we found this awesome (and very clean) seat at a yard sale for $1
(obviously it will usually be used at the table, not quite sure why he was on the floor facing the kitchen cupboards) ... anyway, Luke has been as cute as ever lately - during his time reading stories before bed with daddy tonight he requested his milk cup ... when I asked why (this isn't normal) Greg said that Luke had "Santa envy" because they were reading a Christmas book and in it Santa got milk and cookies... apparently he needed his milk to read through the story as well - cute kid (and hey, at least he wasn't asking for cookies right before bed, too!)

update on baby #2 - we are about 30 weeks along and getting very excited/nervous :) baby moves a lot, which I LOVE!!! and I am getting big, but not too huge yet... I am measuring right on and we are really pleased with our doctor. we are planning on a VBAC, while at the same time putting all of our labor and delivery concerns in the Lord's very capable hands! I have been on a crazy nesting spree lately - organizing nearly every room in the house top to bottom - although I don't believe that means I am going into labor anytime soon... with Luke I wanted to clean (not organize) - and I have definitely put off cleaning the last couple days ...

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