Monday, January 25, 2010

Walk for Life - West Coast

we went to the Walk for Life - West Coast this past Saturday in San Francisco... I have been going since 2005 (the first year) and have only missed one year - I have enjoyed going while pregnant, while nursing, and now with two kiddos :) Mom and Dad surprised us and joined in the walk!! What a treat! There was a major rain down-pour right at the beginning of the walk, but then the skies cleared and it was a gorgeous day in the city. Here we are in the midst of the walk - right after the rain cleared up - I am holding the blanket and poncho that I had rigged up around Luke to keep him warm and dry!

You can sort-of see the amount of people from this picture... upwards of 30,000 +
(Luke was singing)

Mom and Dad treated us to an anniversary dinner of chippino ... awesome!

Three generations getting pizza bread at Liguria bakery :)

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