Monday, May 3, 2010

i wish i knew how to work our new camera...

... because both boys are asleep right now, at the same time, without me holding either one of them!! i have no idea how long it will last (i'm thinking not too long), but the quiet is nice! i feel like i should get some chores done, or cook something, or actually get some sleep myself!!

... since i don't have a clue on how to even turn on the new camera, here's a visual for you:
Luke is asleep on the couch with a queen size fitted sheet that he wouldn't let me fold from the laundry this morning, and 4 little toys he found from the garage toy box this morning, and his pacifier
John is alseep in the bouncy seat in front of the couch, with his pacifier, too (i'm not sure how i will ever get rid of the pacifiers)
and I am sitting on the couch... within viewing distance of both my precious boys, my blessings from the Lord that I am sooooo unworthy to have, but yet love with all my heart. what an awesome gift it is to be these little boys' mama!

ok, i better end this post before one of them wakes up and the cycle of crying, nursing, diaper change, etc.. begins again and i feel a little less thankful and a little more exhausted!! :)

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