Wednesday, November 28, 2007

last creature post for the fall (probably)

ok, so I know that some of my blog readers do not particularly like my "creature" posts... but I have a couple pictures that I haven't put up yet, and since It's almost winter and the creature sighting are getting fewer and farther between (Praise God!!)... I wanted to get it over with! :) I promise that the next pictures will be from Thanksgiving or Disneyland or the baby or something else more fun!

So, here's a blue-bellied lizard. Yes, its in our house... why? because it thought the laundry room closet would be a nice place to play. (This is my dear husband's hand holding the lizard - I don't think I will ever get to that level.)

Here's a snake. Yep, its pretty big. In this picture its in a black rubbermaid tub. Wanna know where my dear husband found this snake - yep - in our garage. Yeah, that's right, the garage that is ATTACHED to our house! ... I'm so glad he caught it.

Here's my dear husband - in our garage (pardon the mess) - he's got his snake boots on because he was catching the above-pictured snake and was not quite sure if it was a rattlesnake or a gopher snake or what, so he wanted to be safe. In this picture he is keeping an eye on the snake in the tub, while surfing the internet to find out what kind of snake it is. - He determined it was a gopher snake and released it farther down on our property.

Nope, this isn't the same snake - its ANOTHER gopher snake found on our driveway at some point... thank God it wasn't a rattler.
(thanks for sticking with me through the creature posts)

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