Thursday, November 29, 2007

more from Disneyland...

There are a few people who I don't mind touching my belly (after they ask)... One is my dear friend Amanda ~ part of the family 20th anniversary tour!

Here we are with my brother and sister-in-law at Goofy's Kitchen - lots of great food!

Goofy and Goofier - haha - Goofy and Dad

My dear husband and I ... He's got a mint julep in his hand (one of his favorite treats from Disneyland) and I am holding a little sign that you can see better in the next picture...

Here's us in front of the Peter Pan ride holding our little sign - DAY 5 - it was our fifth day in a row at Disneyland! So much fun!


Peyton's Mom said...

Very, very cool!!

I love doing stuff like that & when you can enjoy it with your entire family, it's even more awesome!!

Are you & your brother twins?!

Each day, I wonder out loud to GOD (if I say I'm 'talking with GOD' the kids won't have me locked up!!) asking who (whom??) HE would have me especilly remember today with my rosary, Chaplet of Divne Mercy, and general ntention prayers --- this morning, you came to mind! SO --- Prayers for you, your devoted husband, & your precious little blessing today!!

Emily said...

I don't know why I even read the creature posts...curiosity I guess. ENOUGH ALREADY!

Okay, you guys look like you had tons of fun at Disneyland. I want to go SO BADLY!! I really like that maternity shirt you're look so dang cute!