Thursday, January 3, 2008


more 2007 picture catch-up....
well, many people have asked for house pictures... I'm sure we'll get some up at some point.
Here are pictures from when our gutters were recently installed. It was quite an exciting day :) and thank goodness we have them up, as there is forcasted to be a "significant weather event" starting tonight and heading through the weekend. anyway, so here is the side of our house - basically the main entrance.

this view is a little more to the right of the first picture

and of course my dear husband took pictures of their gutter machinery

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Emily said...

Your house is super cute! I bet it's nice to have gutters! I don't think I have gutters on my house. Weird.

That looks like a lot of heavy and confusing equipment. Seriously, is there anything that Greg doesn't do?