Thursday, January 17, 2008

pregnancy pics

i love this picture - i don't know if its the lighting or what, but i just love the fact that i am just beginning to show and i am staring down at my belly - marvelling at the fact that our baby is forming in it...

These next two are from last week - about 32 weeks pregnant - its the same picture but just facing different directions :) (Many thanks to Emily for loaning me the awesome aqua maternity t-shirt i'm wearing under my grey sweater!) i look tired in the pictures, but that's cause its pretty late at night. i had already had my pajamas on, but decided to put my clothes back on for the pictures!! hopefully we will take a couple more in the next few weeks... as the baby is due in about seven weeks now!!


Peyton's Mom said...


Your precious baby is going to love looking back over this one day!

Emily said... are adorable, and not even looking that big. I was A GIANT!!!
I can't believe it's coming up so soon!!! I hope you continue to feel well during these last weeks.

Joan said...

Sarina, you look beautiful and happy and radiant. This baby is so blessed to be having you for a mom and Greg for a dad. I love the way you channel God's love into the world.