Sunday, March 9, 2008


many people have asked if we have the "nursery" ready yet... my dear husband and i always look at each other with kind of a blank stare and say "um, yeah" i apologize to anyone who may be offended, but we just don't feel the need to stencil the walls or pick a "theme" or anything like that for the room that our kids will be in... we call it the kids' room (kids plural - that's right) because we plan on it being the room that our kids will sleep in - until space runs out in that room and we need to put some in another room... seriously i think it's great to share a room with your siblings - i did it with my brother and all of Greg's siblings did it.

anyway, since we have been asked... here are pictures of the kids' room as it is now... we've got a bunk bed and a crib in there now, so there is already plenty of space for little ones!! :)
here's the crib - its wood and really nice - an awesome hand-me-down from my dad's cousin
these are the quilts my mom sewed - on the left is the crib quilt (noah's ark fabric) and on the right is the reading quilt (with pictures of our favorite children's books!!)
the bookshelf is between the crib and the door - right now it has kids' books on the top and bottom shelves and random books in the middle... the picture in the picture frame is the one it came with - i don't know who's baby that is... the silver piggie bank is from my great aunt and the baby's silver cup is from the baby's great grandmother
this is an old closet picture - i have some hanging closet organizers now which hold all the onesies/t-shirts/gowns/sleepers, etc... it works quite well
This is a dark picture, but it will give you an idea -- this is from the door, looking into the room, the bookshelf is directly to the right, then the crib, then the bunk bed, then the window to the left of the bunk bed and the closet is to the left of the window...


Emily said...

Those are awesome bunk beds! So cool! I'm all about sharing rooms too. I did it until I was 16!

I love how you have a picture of some random baby in that funny!

Peyton's Mom said...

Our girls share their room & when this baby arrives she will move in with them!

Love the crucifix --- we have one in each bedroom...

The room looks great --- your wee ones will love their room almost as much as they love their wonderful parents!!

Now -- get some rest --- you've got a big day tomorrow! ;)