Friday, March 7, 2008

baby-related pictures & update

**update** today is our due date - we went to the doctor yesterday - i am 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced and the baby is -1 station -- basically everything is going very well - it's just not quite time yet! i measured around 39 cm and the baby's heartbeat is very strong

here are some pictures of us getting stuff ready...
my dear husband really likes our front carrier!! he wanted a doll or something to practice with - all i could find was pooh-bear :)

aren't these cloth diapers adorable!!! (ignore the bottom of the drying rack with my shirts and nylons)

here's the travel bassinet/changing table/ play pen that my aunts gave us at our baby shower!

This is our bedroom with the bassinet set next to the bed as it will be. its one of those arms*reach co*sleepers ... we are very excited about this (thanks mom & dad!)

the bassinet as it looks away from the bed ... we wanted something with not too many frills or extra fabric (i'm even taking off some of it still) because of the fact that we have scorpions and other creatures that like to hide in areas like that!

**don't forget to guess the baby's arrival date, a couple of posts down!!**


Emily said...

Such cute stuff!!! I'm getting so excited for you! Greg looks pretty good sporting that baby carrier!

Peyton's Mom said...

Takes a manly Daddy to carry a Pooh in his pouch!! WTG Greg!!

We have that same co-sleeper!! Can't wait to see your precious bundle snoozing away in it!!

Looks like you're all set.....

Tuesday's almost here, ya know! ;)