Monday, June 14, 2010

oh, i love him, too!

Luke is two, and a boy, and a new big brother - so he pretty much tests my patience daily :)
today was awesome - we were singing "old macdonald had a farm" (mainly because baby John was in the bouncer seat and we were in the kitchen rolling out homemade pretzels and the baby was starting to fuss and we were trying to entertain him) - and i asked Luke what should be the next animal on the farm (we had done dog and goat already i think) - so Luke says that there is a "Luke" on the farm - so i say ok, and we sing and i asked him what sound does a "Luke" make and he said: "loves mama" - and i melted into a little puddle right there on the kitchen floor - he got a big hug and kiss after that one! those precious moments are what make it all worth it!

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