Friday, October 12, 2007

adorable first cousin once removed in-law

Here's my newest first cousin once removed in-law!! Isn't he cute!! He was born 5 weeks ago today. I just love his little hand curled up by his face, and his pouty lips!! I just can't wait to meet him, and then get to introduce him to our little baby too - they should only be about six months apart!!
Anyway, this post prompted some interesting research on what to call this little guy - as he is the child of one of my dear husband's cousins. According to Wikipedia: My first cousin's child and I are first cousins once removed (one generation difference between us). So that would mean that this little guy is Greg's first cousin once removed and makes me a first cousin once removed in-law (or by marriage). He's cute, and if you know anything about my family, we pretty much call anyone who is near our age a cousin and anyone who is near our parents age an aunt/uncle - everybody is family!
Here's the very informative and very thorough link to Wikipedia's explanation of "cousin":

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Emily said...

Oh gosh he IS cute! It will be fun to have cousins close in age! Hmmm...I wonder if he will have a boy cousin or a girl cousin???