Monday, October 15, 2007

Picture to accompany "Chilly Camping" post

So, the story from our camping trip about a month ago was in my previous post "Chilly Camping" -- Here are the pictures!!
Here's our camp site - we drove in to the Tuolumne Meadows campground - that's Yosemite National Park high country for those of you unfamiliar with the area ... we really like Tuolumne Meadows, especially in the late Summer/early Fall, its just beautiful! - So the tent is behind our Jeep on the left and then on the right is the brown metal bear box, where we store anything with a scent - food, tissues, sunblock - and then back behind that is our fire pit (where the smoke is coming from) and the picnic table. We really liked this spot.
This was at the very beginning of our hike - we saw a lovely deer just hanging out by the water :) You can see it was such a bright and clear day!
After the first part of the hike, the trail really opened up to this part of the Tuolumne River. There were brown trout swimming in the water and Greg identified it as a great place to stop to eat our lunch on the way back.
Here's one of us at the same spot, on the bridge over the river - keep in mind that I am camping and hiking and happy at 16 weeks pregnant at this point!
Later on in the hike, this was our view, as the trail got a little more dense and foresty :)
Another one of us and the gorgeous views.

I don't remember where/what this is - its somewhere in the Yosemite high country... I will ask my dear husband (aka the photographer)!! :)

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Emily said...

Wow that looks gorgeous! I would love to go camping there! Dude, Greg seriously looks like a mountain man in those're lucky to have him with you! I haven't been camping in so long...I'm jealous!

Your shirts will be there soon, I sent them the other day!