Wednesday, October 10, 2007


We now have no reason for delivery pizza... well we didn't have any way to get delivery pizza anyway... living where we live, there are no delivery drivers for anything - other than mail and probably heavy equipment rental :)

Recently I decided that since lots of people seem to make their own pizzas, and I am 50% Italian, and I am frugal, and I like good food, and I am always looking for interesting things to make for our meatless Friday meals... I went searching for good pizza dough recipes and good pizza sauce recipes - since I am pretty much convinced that making things from scratch is waayyyy cheaper and waayyyy more tasty in pretty much every instance... plus I love cooking, and I love my big kitchen, and I love that my dear husband truly enjoys the food I cook ...

Here was our first pizza making adventure:

I recommend not baking them on air-bake pans -- they are great for cookies but not great for pizza crust... baking the pizzas in the regular metal pans created a very good crust and we also took a little of our gift card money and got a pizza stone!

Here is me, with a bit of the house in the background, with the three pizzas from our first experiment. I baked all three right away. We ate the round one and I froze the square ones. I defrosted them about a week - two weeks later and baked them -- we think they turned out even better than the first one!

(bonus points for anyone who can spot the ladder in the background...yes my dear husband does double as an electrician in re-wiring our brand-new house! He did a wonderful job!)

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Emily said...

Hey! Sorry I have been MIA...I was just making sure you were done talking about creatures before getting back on here! I couldn't sleep for days!

Okay, you are showing and I love it! I will send your shirts soon. I'm still waiting on the maternity ones, they had to send those separately.

And, that pizza looks YUMMY! Steve and I like to make calzones...I can send you the recipe, and you should post the pizza recipe!

And..I TOTALLY see the ladder, but it took me awhile!