Monday, October 1, 2007

a different kind of visiters...

well... I have posted about "creatures" before... This week I want to make it a little more visual for you! On Friday my dear husband was outside and wasn't responding to my walkie-talkie calls so I was a bit concerned... I found him in the garage searching for a snake - which was apparently - IN OUR GARAGE! I was on the telephone with my mom when Greg was snake-hunting and during that time I found two scorpions in the kitchen and dining room... To make a long story short - Greg found the snake, and it was a gopher snake not a rattler, so he released it, and then he came inside and took care of the scorpions. Needlesstosay... we have quite the adventures with creatures around here :) We took some pictures of the snake in the garage, so I will post those soon.
Here are some pictures of previous creatures we have found on our property:

rattlesnake a few feet from the house which my dear husband chopped up in pieces and buried -

Tarantula cuddling up with the side of our house:

This thing is now FULL of piled up yellow jackets... its hung on a tree near our driveway -

come visit soon, ok? :)

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Emily said...

It's official. I am never coming to your house. I love you and everything, but there is no way.


Nightmares tonight for sure!