Tuesday, July 31, 2007

husbands do the most interesting things

:) this weekend, while we were at the Catholic Family Conference, we were blessed to be able to stay at the Marriott hotel. Now, I love staying at hotels for two main reasons: 1) free soap and shampoo 2) exercise rooms.
Since I have been out of college & grad school, left the bay area, and now live in a very rural area... no gym time for me any more. I miss this, but I am still creative enough to do my exercise videos at home. I have my weights and bands and balls and mats, etc... and my dear husband has even set up a great area in the garage for me to set everything up.
But, I do like the luxury of having a fitness center to go to. So, Saturday evening Greg said: "Are you going to go workout?" and I said sure, do you want to come with me? He got excited and mentioned something about ice cream. (see post on ice cream and camping!!) So we headed to the fitness center (me in workout clothes and him in flip flops) we stopped by the sundries shop where my dear husband purchased an ice cream cone. When we got to the fitness center I got on an exercise bike and began my workout. my dear husband got on the bike next to me, unwrapped his ice cream and sat there, watching the news on the tv and eating his ice cream - on the exercise bike. (there were about 16 machines and a weight circuit set up in this room) Anytime someone came in and Greg thought they might want his seat, he started pedaling :) He cracks me up. We had so much fun :)

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Emily said...

oh man...I think Greg has the right idea...that is the best workout I could imagine! I think we're moving next week sometime...I'm so bummed, I forgot you were going to be driving through!