Monday, July 30, 2007

weekend festivities

Psalm 131 was the theme for this year's Catholic Family Conference.

This weekend was the 17th Annual National Catholic Family Conference down in Southern California. We had a GREAT time with a bunch of other Catholics in Anaheim. We spent about four hours a day in seminars/talks and then the rest of the time in fellowship with other couples and families. They had a bunch of exhibitors and booths set up to check out the latest Catholic merchandise. Here is a bit of the speakers we heard: Bishop Andrew Francis talked about his work and ministry as a Pakistani Priest. His talk was on blessings and graces in family life. Professor Barber gave a great lecture on finding the Catholic Church in Scripture and another one on Holy Families that changed the world. Leo Severino (a Catholic film producer) talked about the purpose of life and how to keep your kids Catholic. Fr. Loya talked on the Theology of the Body: the peace of the Interior Gaze. He also gave a great talk called: Life is Liturgy, Liturgy is Life. We also went to both of Fr. Chavez' talks: "Ten things men need to know about women" and "Ten things women need to know about men." Those were great and very entertaining - Greg and I were laughing and nodding our heads throughout his talks. The conference comes highly recommended from us. I think next year's conference in August 2-3.

We went to this church on Sunday:

They completed a new church just recently and it is beautiful!!! Click the link and scroll to the bottom for more pictures of the inside. It's not completely done yet, but quite nice. We think its the largest Byzantine Catholic Church on the West Coast. Pretty cool. Sitting behind us during the liturgy was a young couple with a little seven-week old baby boy. He had hiccups the entire time. It was cute.

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