Monday, July 2, 2007

menu plan monday

- breakfast: coffeecake, leftover strata
- lunch: chicken soup, fruit
- dinner: german style pork chops, rice, fresh corn on the cob, fresh green beans
- breakfast: coffeecake (with more sugar topping)
- lunch: possibly chili, or something else which strikes my fancy, fruit
- dinner: chicken & broccoli macaroni & cheese (a new addiction), fresh zucchini
not sure where we will be yet, but if we're home~ barbeque tri-tip (we didn't end up using it last week), chips, beans, fresh corn on the cob, some sort of fun fruit cobbler
leftovers day!
- breakfast: coffeecake
- lunch: ?
- dinner: salmon, rice, fresh green beans, some other veggie we pick up at the fruit stand
- dinner: maybe getting together with friends... if not - cheesy fiesta chicken, beets, fruit
- dinner: leftovers or sloppy joes on biscuits, we'll see what happens, veggies, fruit

desserts this week: chocolate ice cream, oatmeal cookies, rice krispie treats

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