Tuesday, July 17, 2007

key chain

i can't remember the last time i used my key chain ... seriously! and i LOVE this!! i don't drive my car because my dear husband drops me off at work and picks me up from work. we both prefer that he drives whenever we go anywhere together. i don't even have a key to our house. we live in the country and i don't need one. whenever i am away from the house my dear husband is usually with me, so he locks the door with his key. i don't have a key to my office at work, there is no need for that either. my key chain really only has a finger rosary on it and two other house keys: one to my parents' condo in a different state and one to my family friends' house which is a few hours away. my key chain sits at the bottom of my purse and i LOVE that i don't need it on a regular basis :)
-- i know this is random, but it's just something i've been thinking about!
have a great day

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