Thursday, July 26, 2007

its been a while...

so, over a week since my last post... i guess i have been working or homemaking or something!! :) We have definitely been having fun. Last week I got to accompany my dear husband on some work appointments and we were able to have lunch with my cousin and her husband and kids. It was great fun to spend time with my Goddaughter as well as get to sleep in a nice hotel!! Great pick Greg! On Saturday last week my Uncle and his band were playing at a restaurant, so we went and had a great time!! They are a really talented band!! This week the funniest thing that happened so far is that Greg came in after swimming before dinner (it was dark already) and said that a bat had tried to get him in the pool!! Apparently while he was in the pool a bat came and swooped down toward Greg's head - so close that Greg had to duck under the water to avoid being hit by the bat!!! Greg said this happened a few times!!! I was scared. Greg was excited like a little kid! I love my husband and I love that he kills spiders and scorpions everyday for me!! :)

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