Thursday, September 13, 2007

Absolutely hilarious…

Well… this morning my dear husband and I were off to a bit of a slow start – apparently it decided to become fall overnight -- we woke up to a freezing house. I mean it was so cold that Greg got our bath robes and put them under our covers with us to warm them up before we got out of the bed. It was like 58 degrees outside – and mind you about two months ago it was still 85 degrees outside at 6:30 in the morning.
Anyway, so its cold, we were moving slow and were a bit late grabbing everything to head out the door. A bit late is usually ok for most folks, but again, we live an hour away from work. So, I was grabbing our lunches out of the fridge and Greg was putting his shoes on when he noticed that our pig had gotten out of her pen. Now, she has a huge area fenced off with an electric fence – probably almost an acre – with her little house and a mud pit and a plastic swimming pool and her food, etc. she should be plenty happy in there. For some reason this morning she was out wandering around by the house. So, Greg informed me that he was going to put her back in and I proceeded to tidy-up the kitchen. Luckily our house has huge windows in the front and back and our side door is glass because I turned around to see the pig running around the back of the house and my dear husband chasing after it. One lap, two laps, three laps … I am laughing hysterically as my dear husband is chasing our crazy pig around our house!!! Usually the pig will run to her house when Greg tells her to, but this morning I guess she was up for a little rambunctiousness because she likes the cooler weather. I heard Greg’s angry voice and saw him offering treats to the pig, as well as punishment. But finally after I think they were both a little tuckered-out the pig followed Greg into her pen for some additional breakfast (pellets). Greg patted her belly and rechecked the electric fence to make sure everything was secure and in operation.
He came inside for a drink of water before we headed down to work. As we were driving he asked me if I thought she got out everyday and just went back in before we came home. (I don’t think so.) But it was funny, he said "We’ve got a rebellious teen-ager on our hands." Hahahaha… Luckily we have at least a couple more years before our little baby will be running around and trying to sneak out of the house!!

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Emily said...

Oh man that's hilarious...I'm picturing the two of them running around in my mind, and you laughing at them from inside the house. Too funny!