Monday, September 17, 2007


ok, so up where we live there is a community church that does a yard sale every year. it is three days long and they have an entire parking lot full of stuff. now, I am not one of those people that gets the newspaper and drives around town all Saturday hoping from garage sale to garage sale, but when a huge one actually happens to be in our little town... sounds like something good to do. so, the first day of the sale was Thursday, and knowing that we would be out of town camping on Friday and Saturday, I asked my dear husband if on our way home from work we could drive through town rather than taking the roads to our house that hit the highway before town. (again, our town is one that you miss if you blink driving along the highway)
so, on Thursday after work we parked at the church and there was definitely quite a bit of stuff. being pregnant, as well as frugal, I haven't done much clothes shopping lately, even though I really do need/want some additions to my wardrobe – especially ones which will accommodate our little baby growing inside me and that can be worn while nursing, etc. My dear husband is always on the look-out for nice clothes for me and actually he has done most of my clothes shopping for the last couple years!! Anyway, with that being said we headed straight to the clothing racks. There were a lot of women’s clothes! We sorted through the skirts and found three that we liked. I decided to just get one or two until we saw the prices – cheap – So Greg said I had to get all three. One might need minor adjustment, but there were in very good condition. We headed over to the dresses and after some laughs at the ridiculous styles that were obviously from the early eighties we settled upon a lovely jean jumper that still had the tags on it. We looked through the rest of the assorted stuff in the church parking lot and found a brand new box of socket covers (you know those things you put in electrical sockets so kids wont put fingers/toys/spoons, etc in them). While Greg was looking at some stuff I remembered that my parents always get really good deals on greeting cards at garage sales, so I walked around the books and stuff until I found a box with greeting cards! So, I sorted through all the cards and took all of the ones that I thought I could use – with envelopes too! The stack was two or three inches high – lots of cards. We headed to the counter to pay… thinking three skirts, a jumper, a box of socket covers, and a big stack of cards… hmm, $10, $5, something around there… and the nice church lady said "$2.50" and I said "for all of this?" and she said again "$2.50" So Greg handed her $3 and got $0.50 back we thanked them and jumped in the car … How exciting!!! What a deal!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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