Monday, September 10, 2007

telling sarina's parents

my parents are pretty young - early 50's - and they are fairly recent empty-nesters... but with both kids married off, and a full life ahead of them... what better time than this to become grandparents!!! :) We waited to tell mom and dad until we saw them in person. This was nearly impossible for me as I talk to mom everyday and had a bit of a difficult time answering her questions. For example: mom would ask - "how are you?" - to which I wanted to scream in reply - "I'm pregnant!!" - but I didn't. The only thing keeping me from telling them over the phone was imagining in my head the priceless moment of telling them in person that they were going to be grandparents. So... here was the plan... mom and dad were supposed to come down to visit in July - a couple weeks after we found out about our little baby. My dad's birthday is also in July - so we decided that for dad's birthday present we would give him a card that said "Happy Birthday Grandpa" and include a copy of our first ultrasound picture in it. Brilliant. Well, mom and dad decided to postpone their trip until August to correspond with a family reunion!!! ARGG... another couple weeks of having to answer the dreaded "how are you?" question... but we remained strong. I told dad we had his birthday present and we would give it to him when they came down. His response always was..."but I don’t like presents, I don’t want anything" – to which I would respond - "you’ll like this one, its just something little." (hehehe) Well the day finally came – mom and dad were on their way to our house – we could finally tell them!! One minor glitch in the plan – our driveway was being paved that day. No problem you think… well, think again. Our driveway is approximately 750 feet long, not straight (curvy), not flat (very steep), and not yet dry from being paved – think flipflops sticking to wet asphalt… So, mom and dad call saying that they are nearly at our house and we warn them about the driveway and tell them to park at the bottom of our hill near the well. We told them we’d come meet them at the bottom. They got their quicker than we expected (and I was in the process of cutting Greg’s hair so we were a bit distracted). But when we realized they had arrived, we grabbed Dad’s card and started running down the driveway to meet them. To our surprise they were already walking up the driveway (it was very hot and they wanted to get to the cooler house). We stopped them to hug them and say hi and I basically shoved the card in dad’s face – "here’s your birthday card" Luckily he opened right away without much convincing. Here’s what happened next:

(you can see the driveway paving equipment in the background)

My dear husband did a FABULOUS job capturing the moment, as my Dad exclaimed: "My baby is having a baby!!"
We yelled up the hill to my brother and sister-in-law, who we already ahead of us on the way to the house… and they came back to us for hugs and congratulations!
Needless to say we then continued to make the trek up the driveway which left us all a little sweaty and out-of-breath, but definitely very happy


Emily said...

THOSE PICTURES ARE PRICELESS!!!!!! I'm so happy you got them, oh, I love your parents so much!!!

Barbara and Jeff said...

Yay. Thank you. We love you. Mom & Dad