Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So, we have a few pictures of visitors we have had to the house in the last couple months... I thought I'd put them in a post together...
(All of the pictures are conveniently taken at pretty much the same spot on our property in front of the house.)

Our friend Angie came to visit for a weekend in August. We had a great relaxing weekend chatting and eating great food!! I tried out a couple new recipes and both Angie and Greg loved them! We also took a day trip up to Kings Canyon National Park. (I will post about that at some point!)

This is from our visit from Mom, Dad, Dom, & Naomi earlier in August!! It was decided that we needed to take the picture RIGHT THEN because of the sunset, even though we were in the middle of dinner... Anyway, I think this is one of over 30 pictures that were attempted with two different cameras.

Gotta love my dear husband wearing my pink flipflops!!

I promise that I do wear different clothes, even though I've got the same skirt on in this picture!! :) Greg's brother Tim, his wife Cindy, and their son Tyler were our first visitors to come to the house. They came for an overnight visit in June and were the first to have my, now famous, overnight cinnamon rolls!! What fun to have a baby in the house too!!

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