Wednesday, September 5, 2007

lack of pictures and first day at kaiser

so... there has been a severe lack of pictures on our blog recently. by no means am I making any excuses, but here are my "reasons":
- I blog at work and have no idea how to make the pictures from our digital camera jump into my computer.
- our digital camera is usually with my dear husband all day (he uses it for work sometimes).
- other than taking the occasional (very very badly shot) picture, I am rarely ever in possession of our camera.
- I do NOT want to nag my dear husband on a daily basis to some how magically get our pictures from the camera onto my computer.
- you get the gist - I really don't quite grasp the digital camera thing yet, but I assure you that we have plenty of wonderful pictures on there - stored and ready to share at some point in the hopefully not too distant future!!
(thanks for the patience)

ok... another pregnancy update post --
back in July I called Kaiser and said - I think I am pregnant, what do I do? They congratulated me and wanted to make sure I had the right coverage/had picked a doctor/etc... I told the nice lady on the phone that I had missed my period and had a positive home pregnancy test (hpt), but she didn't seem too concerned and believed that I was pregnant :) I liked how positive and encouraging they were on the phone!! After two days of phone games with Kaiser - (I had taken the hpt on a Sunday - so I couldn't get too much accomplished until Monday) - we were scheduled for our first "early pregnancy class" on July 14th and a visit with an OB nurse on July 26th!! I couldn't hardly wait!
Now, the early pregnancy class on the 14th was great - my dear husband came with me and we went to Kaiser - pretty much giddy that we were there because of the impending baby arrival. The class was about an hour or so long and again I was quite surprised that so far, Kaiser was just going by my word that we were pregnant!! I just loved the nurse that conducted the class!! There were a few other couples and some single moms (sad) in the room. The nurse was very pro-life, pro-baby, anti-crazy tests and very positive about pregnancy and childbirth and raising babies --- I loved it!! Greg was very supportive and actively participated in everything! After the class was over we were shuttled down to the lab - were I believe Kaiser was actually able to confirm that I was pregnant - or at least I assume - I had to do the usual: pee in a cup and have a needle stuck in my arm to give them some blood - routine. It went fine and within a couple days Kaiser had e-mailed my test results back and my glucose and everything looked really good, although there still wasn't any lab confirmation of the baby :) We knew though :) ... more about our first OB visit next post :)

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Emily said...

YAY!!! I love how excited you both's so cute!

You better get going with that camera girl! Learn how to use it and carry it with you everywhere. And learn how to get the pictures to jump into your computer. With a kid it is a MUST!!!!!