Tuesday, September 4, 2007

ok ok ok, finally some blogging news!!!

well hello again to all my faithful blog readers (emily & my mom & maybe someother random people) ... :) it has been a long drought from blogging but, I think I'm back... with some news:


yippee!! My dear husband and I are planning on welcoming our first little baby into the world sometime in 2008 - probably around the beginning of March.
We found out we were pregnant towards the end of June (about three weeks after moving into our new house!!). We waited til after the first doctor's appointment to tell anyone except for my best friend. Then we waited until we could see my parents in person before telling them and then the family reunion was conveniently that same weekend, so we took care of telling most of my family at around the 9 week mark... We then went on our marathon road trip and after finally being home for a bit we were able to make it out to see my dear husband's parents in person to tell them, as well as some other relatives and friends. We were then waiting to post anything about the baby on the world wide web until we had told all of our immediate family - lest anyone randomly see the announcement on the web and feel slighted that we didn't tell them ourselves... so this weekend we were finally able to tell pretty much everyone and my dear husband went and sent out a mass e-mail announcing the newest addition to our house... a baby due in about six months!!!
so, here it begins :) I am hoping to keep up with some more faithful blogging, as well as some pictures and stories of what we have been up to, what the baby is up to, how the house is, so on and so forth...
thanks for reading :)

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Emily said...

I am so dang excited...I can't even believe it! Congratulations! I want to hear everything...every dr appointment, every kick, every ultrasound! I loved being pregnant, I hope you have a good experience too!