Wednesday, February 6, 2008

35 weeks...

... on Friday (Feb. 1st) we completed thirty-five weeks of pregnancy... we're about halfway through week thirty-six now!! I think these pictures were taken on Friday - or sometime close-by. Excuse the lack of attention to my appearance - I had literally just stepped out of the shower and my dear husband grabbed the camera, so my hair isn't brushed and I look flushed, etc...
My co-workers say that I am "all baby" - whatever that means - I guess when you see me in person it doesn't look like I have gained weight anywhere else but the baby belly! (yippee!!)

Last night my dear husband and I went on the "stork tour" at the hospital birthing center where we are planning on having the baby... on our way home we were talking about how happy we are with the hospital and things we liked about the tour, etc. My dear husband's comment, in regard to labor and delivery at the hospital was "Oh, that'll be fun! We'll have a good time there." hahahahaha I am so glad my "birth coach" is positively optimistic about this process :)


Amanda said...

WOW Sarina, you are all baby.
You look so beautiful! I am looking forward to smooching your little angel!!!


*Stephanie Mitchell* said...

Seriously you are all belly!!! that is SO lucky and SO cute!!! you are just the cutest little pregnant lady!!! I love it!!! i'm so excited for you to be a mommy!!! I can't wait to see the little one!!! I'm so lucky to be a mommy myself...not that i will be any time soon i'm not even close to be married yet!!! hahah anyway you look great!!!