Friday, February 29, 2008

beautiful weather

**update ** its over 73 degrees!!

its almost 72 degrees and sunny!!
we have all the windows open and its absolutely wonderful!!
the hills are covered with green grass and wildflowers are starting to blossom, the birds are chirping, and the buckeye trees are blooming!!
gotta love February in California!!


Peyton's Mom said...

When I pulled up your page, the first thing I saw was 'update' and got all excited!!

Glad your weather is nice --- makes that nesting thing even more pleasant!!

My Our LORD, Our Blessed Mother, and all the Angels & Saints smile on & bless your birth!!!!!


Emily said...

Same here in Vegas...I LOVE IT! Although we really don't have any flowers, so I'm kinda envious of that! Seriously, warm weather in February is the best invention ever.