Wednesday, February 20, 2008

family baby shower

here's some pictures from our family baby shower two weekends ago... we are at my dad's cousin's (her husband is my Godfather) gorgeous home in southern california...

My dear husband and I are opening presents from Nonna (grandmother in Italian) (my dad's mom)...
she gave us a Rosary for the baby and all sorts of other neat stuff in that basket

GO DUCKS!! Aunt Bonnie (mom's sister) made sure that our kiddo will be well decked out in N*ke gear, including an outfit to cheer for U of O!

The lovely ladies who put on the shower - from left, my dad's cousin Eleanor, me, my dad's cousin Gina (her house), my dad's cousin Susie, and Eleanor's oldest daughter Bianca

The proud parents/grandparents -- and Greg is sporting his "Dad to be" tag

This is the resort we were at ... i take that back - its the backyard of the house!!!!

Another shot of the backyard - complete with my dear husband with his margarita from the margarita machine :) - I love the way I am standing in the picture - totally pregnant!


Joan said...

thanks so much for posting the pictures! Since I didn't make it to the shower, I was really happy to see what it was like. You look terrific!

Emily said...

That looks like so much fun. I LOVE showers! Love the cute duck gear...and where can I get a backyard like that?