Wednesday, February 13, 2008

being a homemaker

today and yesterday i have the blessing of being home from work!
with baby clothes/diapers/blankets/socks, etc to wash and put away; food to make; chores to do; scrapbooking to get done; thank you notes to write; etc... i have plenty of projects to work on... i LOVE being at home. not just for the reason that i am not sitting in a cubicle, but the fact that i feel like i am serving my dear husband (and our child) by making our house a home! its such a blessing to be able to send my husband off in the morning with a smile and greet him in the evening without the stress of having to come home and then having to worry about taking care of chores, cooking, etc... Greg appreciated being welcomed home to a nice-smelling, clean, and relaxing home last night and even said this morning that i was way more relaxed because i wasn't rushing off to work...
anyway, i know that things will all be turned upside-down in the very near future when our baby comes, but i am definitely getting ready for life as a stay-at-home wife and mother ... and i am so thankful for this truly blessed opportunity to serve my family!!


Emily said...

How great for you that you get to stay home! It was a hard transition for me, going from a working mom to a stay at home one, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

LeAnn/Mom said...

That Baby will be here in no time--you can say goodbye to the clean orderly, GOOD SMELLING home!! I'm just kidding, I am very glad that you see the value of staying home and being a full time mom and homemaker. There are so many who just do not get it!